HTML 5 version of infrastructure monitoring by SCOM

In part I’ve created almost all the “dashboards” using SSRS, these dashboards did not work so well, they experience timeouts, the placement of the objects was difficult etc etc.

In the last couple of weeks I taken one of the big dashboards that I’ve created and redid everything using HTML 5 and all the goodies with it.

End result:

This dashboard shows the Green/Amber/Red (RAG) of the SCOM distributed applications. I’ve decided to use the SCOM DA objects as it’s easier to change the DA’s than changing and performing health rollup of doing it purely in code.

I’m making use of the SCOM SDK in .Net to get the states. This webpage/dashboard does not have a single SQL Select statement. Everything is done with the SCOM SDK and the objects/classes.

Below is a snippet of .net code that gets the DA health objects.

There is 2 drill down options for each Distributed Application

1. View the alerts

2. View the actual Distributed Application

Viewing Alerts (“Launches Alerts”)

The alert view is a HTML 5 table showing the user the server name, date/time of the alert and the actual alert details. Information is sorted in descending order according to the date/time.

This alert view is opened in a separate tab in the browser.

Code snippet to get the alerts

As you can see, I’m actually creating a piece of HTML code for each alert and also have a counter called “Exchange2010alerts” all this is used on the DA health block for the showing the number of alerts and also the alert details in the drill-down.

Viewing the Distributed Application (“More Info”).

Nothing special here, simply showing the Distributed Application in the web console.

The SCOM web console also launches in a separate tab in the browser.

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