MS Operations Management Suite: SQL Assessment

I’ve manually added in a SQL 2012 server into my MSOMS service.

The assessment data was not uploaded because of permissions problems with the NT AuthoritySystem Account not having access into the SQL databases to run the assessment queries.

The log file that was used in troubleshooting is called “SironaLog_Advisor_20150527_103752” and it’s located in the These file name and locations might change with later versions.

I’ve giving this NT AuthoringSystem account read access on the different DBs as this is a lab environment, no harm no foul.

In a production environment with the SCOM management group connected you will make use of the run-as account for the SQL assessment collection

I’ve had to set the date on the SQL server forward by 7 days so that the assessment and collection will occur again.

Details when clicking on the above tile

Clicking on the “Availability and Business Continuity” above shows more in-depth information.

For each of the findings there is a Prioritization and also a Recommendation section with affected objects, context and actions on how to fix each finding.

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