Connecting a Server into my Microsoft Operations Management Suite

With Microsoft Operations Management Suite (MOMS) you can add different sources of data to send data to OMS.

1. Manually installing the MMA agent on a server

2. Connecting your SCOM management group.

3. Azure Storage Account

For this post I will discuss option 1 above.

I’ve setup my lab environment with three Windows 2012 servers.

1. SQL 2012 Server

2. Windows 2012 File Server

3. SCVMM 2012 server

Details that is required during the MMA agent installation are

1. The workspace ID

2. Primary Key

This information is obtainable in your MOMS console

There is also a download link for the Windows Agent.

The next step I did was to copy the MMagent install msi across to the 3 servers and double-clicked on the install.

The files are then extracted and I was presented with the following screen

Click Next and then you get

The next screen is then where you specify wether you want to connect this MMA to a SCOM management group or to an Microsoft Azure Operational Insights service

Click on the first option (“Connect the agent to Microsoft Azure Operational Insights” and then click on next you get the following screen

The here you specify the ID and Key as it appears on your website.

For my environment and lab I had to specify the HTPP proxy URL, username and password, I click on the “Advanced” button and specified the details in the next screen.

Filling in all the details on this screen and click Next and Next on the main screen will cause the MMA agent installation to verify details with the MOMS site.

The log file for this installation is in %temp%monitoringagent.log

This log file will contain the installation steps and any issues that occurred during the installation.

When the installation was successful in it’s verification you will get the following screen.

Clicking on Next and then Install will install the MMA agent.

Successful installed

The agent will then communicate with the MOMS service and all management packs for the MOMS Solutions will then be pulled from the MOMS site and monitoring will commence.

Events in the OperationsManager Eventlog like the following will tell you that there is communication between the MOMS service and your MMA agent installed on your server

In the next post I will chat more about the different MOMS solutions and also connect my SCOM management group in my Lab with the MOMS services for alert management etc.


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