SCOM Volumes

It’s very important to keep your eye on the volumes of data that is generated by your SCOM environment.

Several SCOM management packs has collection rules with intervals set to 300 seconds or 5 minutes. On big SCOM environments with hundreds or even thousands of SCOM agents it’s crucial to fine-tune these volumes by changes the intervals via overrides.

It’s very difficult to see the volumes in your environment and also to identify what rules are responsible for the volumes so that they can be fine-tuned or disabled.

The following report shows you a summarization of the volumes for the different data sets read from the SCOM OperationsManager database, this report is a 3-level-drill-down.

This report also allows the user to drill-through by clicking on a specific day for example on the Performance Insertions to see the individual performance counters and count – showing top 20 only.

The next drill-through level shows the SCOM rule details including the Rule DisplayName, with this information at hand the user/scom administrator can proceed to fine-tune the collection interval and other properties using the SCOM console.

PM me for a copy of this and all sub reports.


3 thoughts on “SCOM Volumes

  1. Very very useful. Can I have a copy?

  2. WISH I could figureout how to PM you…I would like to have a copy. I also would like to talk to you about the SCOM/Spectrum SNMP channel blog.

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