View, update and change SCOM subscription SID of user that created the SCOM subscription

I’ve created a utility that extracts all the SCOM subscriptions in existence in a SCOM implementation that shows the Subscription Name, subscription displayname,  the user SID and the user CN of the user account that created the subscription.

This utility automatically exports the “Microsoft.SystemCenter.Notifications.Internal” management pack and then works through all subscriptions to extract the subscription name and USERSID value from each.

Next the utility tries to resolve the usersid into the CN name of the active directory user object.

After all this is done the utility then displays all subscription information in a table as in the screenshot below.


If you want to export and save this information into an HTML file you can by clicking on the “Save subs to folder” button.

Using this utility you can also change the USERSID to another account by click on the wanted usersid in the table and clicking on the “Fix User SIDs” button. This will cause all usersids in the management pack to be changed to the chosen one.

After this the management pack is automatically re-imported into the management group.

Using this utility you can quickly and easily changed all subscriptions to a usersid/account that will not be deleted/removed from the Active Directory of the client. In the past you needed to export the management pack and with an editor like notepad++ change and fixup the management pack and then re-import the management pack into your SCOM environment. With this utility all that manual work is done for you and within a few minutes.

The utility also makes a backup of the “Microsoft.SystemCenter.Notifications.Internal” automatically for you in case you will need it later again.

PM me for a copy of this utility.


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