Management Pack Documentation

I’ve always find it challenging to say the least to answer questions like “What does SCOM monitor on my servers”, “What can we monitor with SCOM”, “What is the disk free space thresholds being monitored”. I’ve investigate a HUGE amount of time in developing a solution that loads all the management pack contents into a SQL database. The end result of the work is below




Monitor details


Information available

1. Knowledgebase article as included in the sealed management packs

2. Event Ids, Source Name, Log Name of event collection rules

3. Perfmon information, as well as interval, direction, number of samples etc etc

The difference between my solution and that of MPWiki or event MPViewer is that all the monitor/rule/discovery configuration information, including the VBScripts,  the thresholds, event ids etc etc etc etc are all imported into my SQL database, with this information in a SQL database I extract the information using SSRS, all together in one report.

The next step will be to import the overrides for the different Rules and Monitors for all my clients and show like a deviation report from the standard setup per client.

I import all the .MP files using the SCOM SDK , this includes DataSources, Write Actions etc etc contained in the different management packs – One word “AWESOME”

More to come.


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