Disk Space report with trend and data table


The report above shows you the bottom n logical disks/mount points based on the % free space counter.

The SCOM Operations Databases is used to get the latest/newest values of the % Free Space for all the logical drives, sorts the information and then select the bottom “N” disks. Obviously you need healthy SCOM agents that is sending performance data into the SCOM databases for this report to be worthwhile.

The report includes two additional items

1. 30-Day (Configurable in the SQL query) historical graph of the % free space for the specific logical disks/mount points. The graph will tell you the trend of how the % free space increase, decrease or stays static. “So my % free space is 5%, what is the trend?”, this report will aid in answering this question.

2. Includes the data table for the graph showing the daily average, min, and max for the specific logical disks/mount points using the Daily Aggregations.