HealthService event 4506 and AD Integration

So I’ve created an “Auto Agent Assignment” rule on one of my management servers. On the RMS server which is solely responsible for publishing and updating AD I get quite a few of the following events in the OperationsManager event log
Eventid 4506
Description: Data was dropped due to too much outstanding data in rule “_Domain_ManagementServer_Domain running for instance “RMS servername”….

This event will happen when you’re Auto Agent Assignment Rule is returning to many records to be inserted into the Security Group.

My rule was returning all devices with *xyz* in the device name.
To fix this I changed the assignment rule to only return servers with *xyz* in the name and the operatingsystem containing *Server*
SO: (sAMAccountType=805306369)(name=*xyz*)(operatingsystem=*Server*). This caused the RMS server in-time to update and change the security Local Domain group for the management server.

If you still get these messages you need to further breakdown and filter the devices. One option will be to split the devices between more than one management server.


One thought on “HealthService event 4506 and AD Integration

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